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If you're a brand new carrier, who just received your MC Authority, or you're planning to get one soon, then you've got a lot on your plate right now! You're going to need a dispatch service that can keep you loaded and on the road, dealing with brokers and sending out invoices so you can focus on driving and compliance. Not every dispatch service will work with new carriers, since many brokers require six months to a year of operations before they'll work with you. But we believe everyone has to start somewhere. That's why we welcome new carriers as clients, and will work with brokers and with you to establish those critical initial relationships.

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Q: Do I need my own Motor Carrier Authority?

A: Yes. Unless you are leased to a carrier and just need assistance dispatching your current shipments.

Q: How do I get paid?

A: Since you are running under your own Authority, you will be billing (and receiving payments from) individual brokers and shippers directly! You can also use factoring companies for faster payments and we'll be happy to do credit checks for you.

Q: What company requirements do you have?

A: Most brokers require carriers to have at least 6 months of operations experience, so it's easier to find loads for them, but it's not a requirement! Other than that, your authority and insurance must be active.

Q: Do you have a broker license?

A: No. We do not have a broker license and book everything under your authority. By doing so, we can not "cut" your rate as some broker-dispatch companies do!

Q: For what types of trailers do you book freight?

A: We specialize in dry van and reefers.

Q: I have found a dispatcher who charges less. Can you lower your fees?

A: No. We believe that anyone who is charging less will have to run more trucks to sustain their business, which in turn will degrade service quality and lower rates books for the carrier. We have a rule of "no more than 5 trucks per dispatcher" in order to ensure our client is getting the highest available rates on the market. And by doing so, we basically make our service much more affordable than the competition.

Q: How long does it take to get set up?

A: If you provide all the necessary documentation, within 2-4 hours.

Q: What lanes can I run?

A: We can run you in all 48 states or within any area you specify. Many carriers prefer not to make runs to New York, California, Florida, etc. If that's your preference, we'll make sure to keep you out of those states.

Q: How long do I have to stay on the road?

A: That's entirely up to you! There's no forced dispatch. You decide where to run and how hard to run. All we ask is that you keep it safe and legal! We'd rather have you on the road than under the ground or behind bars.

Q: What kinds of rates will I see?

A: Averate rates for loaded miles in 2020 were $2.74 per mile, but this will depend on your time in business, safety rating, and the states you're able to run.

Q: Can I run local/regional?

A: Yes, as long as you're comfortable running less miles (1000-1800 per week). On the other hand, depending on your location, you can average $3.50 to $5.00 per mile running short distance loads.

Q: What kind of freight can you book for me to haul?

A: We book all kinds of freight. If you have specific requests, please let us know.

Q: How will you bill me?

A: We accept all major credit and debit cards, as well as all major crypto-currencies and stablecoins. You'll be billed weekly, but you'll have the option to set up an automatic payment so you don't have to worry about sending in payments every week.

Q: Is the first load really free?

A: Absolutely! You'll still need to provide all the documentation and complete our set-up process, but your first load will show up on your weekly bill with no charge, and there's no obligation to take any more loads from us, although we sure hope you will!

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